SirEmi's discount OA-105 shop, save ped compared to auction


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Sep 18, 2007
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Emi Odyssey Sir
SirEmi's discount OA-105 shop, save ped

Shop now has Arkadia medium level guns at great prices!

Very easy to get to the shop, about 20 seconds run south from Omegaton West Habitat teleporter.

Shop location: Omegaton West Habitat, building Delta, Block A, Shop #4


Step 1: From Omegaton West habitat TP, go South

Step 2: Enter Delta building

Step 3: Enter Block A on the right

Step 4: Enter shop

Good luck out there and get a :tower:
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Shop re-stocked and also got some MA-108 amps at a very good price.

Come check it out!
bump got stock better price then the malls
if you want to pm price and i might go check it out.
well stocked, cheapest price around
shop stocked great prices don't be shy you could buy enough to hit CND / Hell :wtg:
Shop stocked and back in business.

Price is 1.3 ped less then auction / amp, come check it out.