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Oct 20, 2013
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Avalon Butterfly Erupter
Welcome to AVAPCF @
RENT FRIENDLY -- PM me in game if you'd like to rent a particular item, provided there's adequate collateral

Castorian Combat Mace 3 Tier 6.99 BO +5K Status: Available
Melee Trauma Amplifier 9 TWEN Edition BO +9K Status: Available
👇 Scroll down or click here to see special bundle DISCOUNT!!

DOA Slugstorm Tier 8 BO +30K Status: Available
0x0 Tier 10 BO +30K Status: Available
Zorra HK Tier 7 BO +10K Status: Available

Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe Tier 6 RENT ONLY Status: Available
GYRO FAP Improved Tier 2.99 RENT ONLY Status: Available
4X skill gains compared to Imp FAP and only 2 pec per heal!!

Coat, TWEN Edition (F) BO +8K Status: Available

RX OpTac x1 (F) SET
All Tier 2.99 TIR 125, 132, 155, 158, 165, 182, 185 SET BO 44K Status: Available
RX OpTac x1 (F) :: RARE ARMOR SET :: All Tier 2.99 :: Each piece over 100 TIR


Armor Plating 5D TWEN Edition SET +4K PED

Lich (M,F,L) SET 132% (1k PED)

Please message here or in game for armor request so I can prepare a set for you
Perfect for

Tamer Intimidation Horns (F,L) 11.88 TT 20K% MU

Polaris (F,L) SET 105%
IFN Prototype MKII (F,L) SET 108%

Armor Plating Mk. 5C FULL SET BO+90
Armor Plating Mk. 5A FULL SET BO+50

Pulsar Plates: All below MU, any quantity. Just ask

Pulsar Armour Plate 2 (L) Electric
Pulsar Armour Plate 3 (L) Cold
Pulsar Armour Plate 4 (L) Acid
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L) Impact
Pulsar Armour Plate 8 (L) Cut Stab Impact

Svempa T5 (L) + ArMatrix B-Amplifier 20P (L) FULL TT @ 115%

Cognac Coat (M,C) 100% Purpite BO+500

Shamon Dress (F,C) 100% Purpite



Avalon Butterfly Erupter

See latest post for news and updates. This links to my Discord.

Open to Offers PM here, in game or Discord
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how much TT in total is that Polaris set?

Stats shown with no enhancers


Mace 5 is more efficient with a Trauma 1 than a Mace 6




Shown with no enhancers


This glorious beast of a weapon could be yours, check out that damage!
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◘ SB not shown as everything is open to negotiation
◘Made link on my avatar name in OP perma-link to my discord
◘Added 0x0 gun
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Updated January 3rd, 2024

Now available!! Tier 5.99 Combat Mace 3 with Melee Trauma Amplifier 9 TWEN EDITION!


More DPS than an LB-40 Improved!
Better efficiency and DPS than using a Melee Trauma 10 FEN Amp! Over 3 base DPP!!

This setup can be yours for only 13k PED!!

Open to trades or trades plus ped. Also willing to rent. Rental fees are very reasonable! All I ask is that you provide collateral.
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◘ Price lowered on Xeno amp set
◘ Lion set got another tier
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◘ Added eMINE (M)
◘ Added Lion (M) Helmet
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◘ Lowered price on the Songkra Amp combo
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◘Lowered prices on songkra & trauma 6 again
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◘Added Philospher's Sword and Trauma 4
◘ Lowered price of Xeno

◘ Vigi adj set priced a bit higher than most, but that's also due to nice TIR of set.
click on link in OP to see details. I did some trading of parts to specifically seek out higher TIR parts, and some parts tiered up
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◘ First come first serve, unless your in game, logged in and on your way to pick it up

◘ Added Zorra. If serious buyer, ask me about the Delta amps as well
◘ Zorra reserved.

◘ Inquiries and offers welcome

◘ Click red text for item link
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◘ Bump for the day
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◘ Lowered Lion Helmet price
◘ Added Christmas Ring 2020, note that only ped is accepted for this ring.
◘ Interesting comparison.

Xeno + Trauma 7 vs. Ambush + A204 Hyper
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◘ Click on text for greater detail.
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Some items moved to auction as noted in recent posts and no longer in the OP. Check auction for some great deals.
◘ Vigilante Adjusted and Lion sets still available, notice the tier ratings. Click links for details

◘ Xeno moving up in tier a bit

◘ Price reduced on Christmas Ring

◘ Military Adjusted + A105 Hyper, very nice setup and price. Don't miss it!

◘ eMine price dropped. First come first serve!

Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher Tier 8.64 TIR 86 BO TT+9K
Melee Trauma Amplifier 7 BO TT+10K
If purchasing these two as a set, BO TT+16K SOLD
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◘ Added Shagadi Sword SOLD

◘ Christmas Ring price dropped. First come first serve!
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