Sneak peak at the Ingame music at DSEC-9


May 30, 2005
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NoBion Nob Andersen
Hello Everyone

I've had the enjoyment of working with the team at Virtuasense on the ingame soundtrack of the currently 2 zones on DSEC-9 that can be teleported to from Monria. At DSEC-9 you'll find exciting new missions, lore and much more content to enjoy! i highly advice people to go there and see it all! For the newest info, its worth checking out the quarterly magazine, you can find and read it here:

There is a total of 18 tracks currently of mine making up the soundtrack at DSEC-9, there is different tracks between the zones, so thats worth noting. You will need to go to DSEC-9 and enjoy all the great content there, if you also wanna hear the full songs i put up a sneak preview of here, but also all the remaining songs. Sometimes when you just teleported to DSEC-9 it will require a restart for the music to play, so keep that in mind when you first teleport over from Monria :)

I hope this thread will bring more travelers to DSEC-9 and enjoy all the great content, including what i contributed! :)

Thank you all, and happy christmas!!

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