Selling: [SOLD] Mayhem Electric Attack Nanochip 15, Perfected - available for rent again

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Oct 7, 2006
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Eve Everglades

I'm taking some offers for this awesome MF weapon.
Currently tier 2, tier will go up.

BO +225k.


Worth mentioning tier 5 chip is very close to MM T10 dps.

Similar DPS with LP 100 with the huge advantage that this chip can use to the max the new loot 2.0 Mayhem Kinetic amps (2 fits perfect). Together this combo has 81.3 eff (and it goes up with each damage enhancer) and it's super efficient in burning shrapnel also.
Very easy to max, Kinetic chips can be used as well.

Shoot me some offers if interested, thank you!

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Free yourself from using L amps!
Added BO & auction end date.
One of the things I wish I had during FEN was a higher tier weapon, as I used t2-t4 weapons. Get this chip and push it to tier 7-8 by TWEN or to tier 8-9 if you choose the T5. This tool can be, once at tier 10 and if active in Mayhems, close to 200% ROI, not including TWEN. This tool can make another tool like it, in about a year.
Extremely efficient in burning shrapnel, having very high ammo consumption compared to decay, for a 10 mil PED cycle a year, that 1% is a lot.

Decay:1.110 PEC
Ammo:2638 (26.38 PEC)
Cost:27.490 PEC
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From T0 to T10, MU someone would spend these days would be around 60k PED.

4 rare tokens might be harder to gather than the 120k mtokens needed.
A weapon so well balanced that it makes it arguably top 5 if not even top 3 for a grinder. ;)
Also available for renting, until it sells. Interested? Let's chat! Mayhem L amps are half price compared to laser ones.
There's so much stuff to shoot at in the coming months....
Secure today one of the most effective tokens extractor in the game before the longest Merry Mayhem (most likely followed shortly by TWEN anniversary event)


Event Dates

Wednesday - Nov. 30 - 14:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2022 begins.
Tuesday - Jan. 10 - 14:00 UTC - Merry Mayhem 2022 ends.
T5 option is not on the table anymore, updated OP.
Renting during mayhem possible, 100 PEDs a day only!
Just ran a test at tier 8, the cost per hour, with mayhem kinetic 2, is ~2400 PED (25% reload buff).
2396 actually with 53 tt decay on amp + 70 decay on chip and 2273 used ammo. This puts the decay payed from card at 5.1% which makes it a fantastic combo to burn that mayhem shrapnel and also an absolute beast when you want to go berserk on boxes and you're left with a lot of UA to burn.
As I answer in PMs, I can take some items, but not too many. Could be interested in some high end hedocs.
Before December my tt in for the year just passed 10mil turnover. The amp on melee doesn't consume any ammo, it's pure decay making, along with the sword, about 33% decay & 66% ammo. It's such a huge difference in the context of many days of Mayhem a year which makes it MF is one of the best options to choose from today.
With so many Mayhem BP pistols spawned lately, there's going to be an increasing pressure on Mayhem B-amps, while Mayhem MF-amps remain the cheapest due to low MF adoption.
Mayhem Kinetic amps have higher ammo burn then Mayhem L amps, combine that with the fact that strongboxes are getting so cheap that it's more profitable to open them than sell them, you'll have the perfected way to burn that UA ;)
Weather forecast says the grindy season that just begun is going to be a long one!

On a 10 mil cycle a year, saving 1% from better efficiency can be a great strategy for this season ;)
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