Some of Marco's past comments about decay and MindArk's revenue

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Since this comes up all the time, I thought it was worth posting these quotes in a collection here. Thanks to Poisonhearts for taking the time to dig them out. If anyone has other relevant MA quotes containing additional information on the matter, PM me a link and I'll add them here.

MindArks revenue stream is from deterioation of items when they are used.
MA makes money on decay on item usage. All other monies are transferred back into the Entropia economy.
No, MindArks revenue stream is from decay. So it is not an urban legend. All other areas (auction fee, ammo, etc) is cycled back into the economy.
We take revenue from decay, we never stated that all decay is revenue though.
So MA makes money from the decay of items. However, MA have never stated all decay contributes to MA's revenue. Ammo consumption is not counted as decay for these purposes. Auction fees are recycled back into the economy.
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