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Jan 15, 2015
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Yes please! I’ve been wishing for this game to have pooing pants mechanics for ages. This will make hunting so fun. I also would like my avatar to get periods and have to buy L tampons, otherwise my clothing suffers permanent TT decay from staining. Maybe we can have a small chance of contracting rabies from the mobs and dying permanently, MA would delete our account after that. Should of bought the rabies shot from the TT now shouldn’t you.
Yes, this so true. There are many many RL things that can be brought into EU.
How about graffiti!, you could be able to purchase cans of Graffiti spray paint, and for the graffiti to be removed purchase graffiti removal solution.

How about "car jacking" the ability to steal & commandeer vehicles left unattended.

And further to the notion of poo, public toilets L of course. You pay to use them and the owner pays to maintain them - My God, just imagine one that was not maintained :( (you don't have to imagine, there are so many RL examples these days.
And as a development on that concept - an ill maintained toilet could have its lock jammed at irregular intervals - you have to pay to get out ( maybe the Calypso Rescue Team could help out?).
Makes me want to burst into song :)

Oh Dear What could the matter be
Deemer and Tilli locked in a lavatory
They were there from Monday to Saturday
Nobody knew they were there :(


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Apr 18, 2018
Oh Dear What could the matter be
Deemer and Tilli locked in a lavatory
They were there from Monday to Saturday
Nobody knew they were there :(

I knew you were jealous.

No, honey, monogamy is ingrained even in my bone marrow, I can't even look away... I hadn't even thought about it until this post... I'm even a little disappointed in myself, in this picture... in toilet... all week... what a stench.

Virtual Reality my dear.

I've heard that the bartender at Fort Fury sells very strong pills under the table, which were used mainly for the Mayhem. The effect of these pills was so strong that they kept the avatar in the game, even when you left the game.

Now you understand the meaning of the phrase "24/7".

It's not the players' fault that the bartender is pushing such a strong drug. That's why MA can't just accuse a player that this avatar doesn't have even a second delay during this whole period... they just can't.

As far as I've heard, they've been doing a secret investigation into who the bartender is... is there a group behind him or is he just making his own pill mix... only time and investigations will show all this.

Musicians, artists, poets... everything is so meaningless if it is not limited in ped value.
Virtual reality dear. You know best what art is... that's hard to explain, especially to robots.


Apr 25, 2014
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Material tab for crafting, shows you how much of each ingot, refined enmatter and crafting part you have on you, and if your missing something, it shows it red and 0

It could show on items that you cant craft, materials you need, and materials you need for crafting the materials, and if you have ore and stuff, you could click start manufacture, and it would first make enough parts for 1 attempt, then 1 attempt on item, and repeat it until desired amount of items are made.

I see the new crafting that could be like
First you have 200 ped materials, you refine em into 199.999 ped junk you can tt, so no tt will be tied to items that you have, everything can be put back in action, and materials that you can craft with, combine those with nano cubes to get that tt you want crafting to be at, and then make items. I belive its better all items come from crafting on 0-1 pec tt, still full condition, and pile of some residue that is worth the tt value of craft result, could be used for special ammo as a reward from making craft, you can shoot with new gun, and items have x amount of uses on em, so no tt will be needed on items.

Robots could drop ammo that has special properties.

Crafting stats: every X attempt at craft is mastercraft = added stats randomly generated depending on skill and maybe talents you choose. Chance to make 2 items instead of 1.

If you make alot of components, would be better that you can leave the machine crafting em, and you can pick em up later on, instead of needing to stand there, so crafters have more time mining and doing other stuff, you could gain bulk amount of skills when you pick em up depending on how much you made.
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