Space ... the final bugs...

Leeloo Miner

Jan 5, 2020
Since for some reason my first post is in the bug reports but nobody can read it (not even myself), contacted 3 mods, so far no reply, I'll write it again.

So I decided to go to Ark for some mining.
I knew I might crash or get screen freezes on the way since it happens all the time.

Was close to Gordon's belt and there it was, screen freeze, so exit and relog.
[Space, 67517, 63623, 109, Death location]

Arrived at Ark so only 1 freeze wasn't that bad :p

Time to fly back after some mining trips.

Was getting close to Gordon's belt again ...
First freeze [Space, 69864, 62943, 109, Death location], exit, relog...
Second freeze [Space, 67962, 63883, 109, Death location], exit, relog...
Third freeze [Space, 67212, 64328, 109, Death location], exit, relog
Fourth freeze [Space, 59972, 67221, 109, Death location], exit, relog BUT
This time I was lucky since I ended up at Caly SS and I was at the planet in minutes.

Who is this Gorden? Something definitely dangerous around his Belt area :laugh:
And it happend again, even a lot worse.
2 day's ago I came back again from a Ark mining trip to Caly.
At Gordon's belt the freezes started again. While I tried to avoid those spots I finally ended up in Cyrene SS.
From there I tought to reach Caly fast but ...
Here again, freezes freezes, freezes.
After 1 hour I finally opened a chat with MA.
I just had left Cyrene SS so they asked me to fly back to the SS.
On arrival there was a MA representative, he took me in his quad and like magic I arrived at caly!!!
Very nice customer service. Thank you very much !!!