Selling: Spider's Marketplace (Updated 2.18.24)

Apr 16, 2022
Hey y'all,

Selling some stuff, raising capital for future purchases. Taking offers now and seeing what the appetite level is. PM Me or reply if interested.

*****Ped Only*****

For Sale
  1. ArMatrix LR-40, FEN Edition (Tier 3.99)
  2. Ares Ring, Perfected
  3. Halloween Ring 2019
  4. Malachai Ash (F)
  5. Urban Nomad Black Jumper (F)
  6. Urban Nomad Black Slacks (F)
  7. Urban Nomad Mountain Boots (F)
  8. Urban Nomad Storm Coat (F)
  9. Full Female Chelydra Set (Tier 3.99/.87 all parts)
  10. Full Female Liakon Set (Tier 4.99 all parts)
  11. Full Female Turrelia Touched Set (+4% Mining/Crafting Skill)
  12. 7x Incision Plate Adjusted
  13. Asclarias Pet
  14. Robot Easter Bunny, Gold Pet

  1. Full Female Lion (Tier 2.99) SOLD +11.5k (Very Rare Set, Original Post Here
  2. Full Female Shogun SOLD +40
  3. Summer Ring 2016 SOLD+21.5k
  4. Shadow Helmet Female SOLD +3.6k
  5. Shadow Thighs Female SOLD +3.6k
  6. Shadow Feet Female SOLD +3.6k
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