Spina Invasion Tips & Tricks article

Why you no like incision plates =( Them things are great.

Thanks for collecting the data, I'll probably be trying drones tonight with Vigi Adj and Incision plates.

I do like the Incision plates. In this case, the 2 main damage types that we have to protect against are Acid and Stab. And as far as armors with a decent amount of Acid protection goes, there's not a lot to choose from so in the majority of cases, we end up having to put an Acid plate on the armor in order to defend against this particular mob efficiently.

But for the 3 armors that I did recommend a Stab plate, i.e. Cetus, Imp Imperium and Mod Viceroy, yes, it would make sense to use Incision plates if you have them :)

Adj Vigi with Incision plates leaves your Acid wide open, so I hope you have >8% lifesteal, 250 hp and/or >150 dps, otherwise you will struggle to stay alive.
Adj Vigi with Incision plates leaves your Acid wide open,
With incision plate being 21 stab, you'd need improved serpent scales to get the same protection with Vigi Adj. so tt+4 ped plates versus tt+800 plates.
Augmented Imperium

Here I stand corrected. WTB Aug Imp Set.