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Feb 26, 2005
Alberta, Canada
Dark Brotherhood
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711 added this feature and it looks pretty cool, guess I'll try to write something to my blog :). I'll start out by giving my background to EU.

I first heard about EU in 2004 when one of my friends at school told me about it. He said there was this game that used a real cash economy and it was possible to earn money ingame and withdraw it into real life. Honestly I really didn't care about that, the thing that sold me on EU was how he described the vastness of the planet. My friend described the game as having a huge landmass you could explore; that night I started to download Project Entropia :).

I started as soon as it was downloaded, which took around 30 hours on my connection at the time :p. I had tons of fun making my character unique to me, and I loved how he turned out. I arrived in Atlas Haven as an OJ and the game just looked amazing. I had no idea what I should do so I wandered around helpless. Some guy approached me asking if I wanted a mentor, I jumped at the opportunity. My new mentor had been recruiting as many disciples as possible that day and took us all as a group to sweat some creatures, I hated it :mad:.

The next day I logged on and I met a guy name The Ripper from a society the Dark Brotherhood Boot Camp and he asked me if I wanted a mentor and a society, I sadly said I already had one and he told me to kick him, so I did. Ripper took me to a better sweating place. It was under a building near molisks (at the time if you stood under a building you couldn't be attacked by creatures). I preceeded to sweat molisks for a while but I never enjoyed it.

One day Ripper told me that the society I had been in was breaking up and we'd be joining the main society the Dark Brotherhood. This was the happiest day of my life, I even took a screenshot of the moment :p. I eventually deposited $20 to buy some equipment. At the time the 1x0 axe was extremely effiecent and I'd hunt corns North of Argus when I had free time. One day I looted 2 esi's in a row on corns when they sold for $250 PED each, one of my favorite moments :p. Been a depositer since lol.

Now I was in the Dark Brotherhood and I've been in the society ever since, met many great people and still call them friends today :).

My story continues on but that will be for another day :).