Sweating my way to a CLD

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Sep 2, 2011
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Mungo Baobob
I enjoyed this so much, i will see if anyone else likes to trade sweat for stuff. Since I now have 3 foma apartments, and a foma shop. I think I will try to give a little back to community, in the same fashion I came up on.

I will trade 1 FOMA apartment for 200k sweat.

I hear you asking, wait why would a noob sweater even want a FOMA apartment? Is not that place for uber miners? And a bit of a ghost town at that?

your right BUT, I like living there, and other sweaters might too..why?

Because there is no landing fee to enter FOMA (unlike the planets) --
This means you can play around on any other planets, take a free www.entropiatransport.com slow flight to another planet, sweat all the mobs you want there explore have fun. when your ready to leave get a summons up to ship, and get let out at foma with no dock fee. Sweaters do you really want to fly around space with your little bit of sweat? do you want to have to pay to land at your home planet to storage it? nope neither do I! Get the pilot to stop at foma for you, storage all your loot, and be free to explore anywhere else. When your storage is full enough, pay the 7ped fee to ma and TP down safe (or get a MS atmo drop).

So hopefully I have at least opened your mind to using FOMA as a pit stop to storage your loot (its way better than paying to land if you only need storage)

Why not just use the storage bin? I did for a long time, its a viable option. but as you bounce around the universe, you will collect things like different planet clothing, and wall hanging items, candy canes, brooms, fish etc etc. while most of these are worthless, and some cant even be traded. they often make wonderful decorations and some times its just nice to have a home..

BTW use a rookie finder (from tt) on foma, a few drops every time you visit your apartment, its very cheap. and gives you a fun taste of the foma mining experience (on a sweaters budget).

I would like to remind all that it is PVP lootable space, between the calypso station and foma. Pirates do camp the area daily. anyone can feel free to contact me anytime you need a ride from station to foma in a mothership vrs trying to make the flight direct.
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Aug 22, 2013
Id love to take you up on your offer, but having only paid for a couple of months, and only having a couple of hours a day to play (my 2 year old takes up most of my non work hours), I very much doubt Ill get to 200k before someone else snatches this from my grasp!! I have just over 20k at present, so only 180k to go!!

Great offer though!