Selling: T8.56 [Isis LR63] - Mayhem Cat4 monster - SOLD


Mar 4, 2007
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Hi everyone,

It's time for me to sell that awsome gun which I was using for 1,5 year on mayhems in cat5 as Im already at the edge of 65lvl limit.

My performance was: 7 mayhems - 2 times in top3, 5 times in top10 mostly in annihilation.
In def it was ok to, one it was 3rd and 5th, rest was also in top10 - that allow me to buy BC-30 and still some tokens left.

Gun was loan to one person for last 4 mayhems in cat4, her score was:

3 times in top3 and 1 times in top10 in annihilation mode.

Gun is maintained in low tt, 303p or something like that currently.
With buffs and Mayhem L-amp beta according to wiki guns give approx 153 dps


Screenshots of the gun below, as I still dont get it how to add picture on new forum :)


Some questions in PM:

1. Zorra is cheaper -TRUE. It is but also require 47 laser lvl to max it vs 42 lvl on LR63. Cat4 limit is 55 so you get additional 5 lvl buffer before you reach out cat limit.

2. T9 Zorra has almost the same dps as T8 LR63 - TRUE. Lr63+mayhem L-amp Beta is 153dps VS T9 Zorra+mayhem L-amp Delta is 151 dps. BUT, L-amp beta cost 100-110p ( high availability) VS l-amp delta cost 200-240p (low availability)

3. 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF have higher dps - TRUE. BUT this is Cat5 weapon not Cat4, also require plasma skills, not many guns to skill plasma. LR63 can be used both in Cat4 and Cat5 with great success, 0x0 only in Cat5. T8 0x0+Mayhem l-amp gamma is 155 dps VS 153 dps on Lr63 +Mayhem l-amp beta.
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Oct 3, 2017
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Xanato Xan Kaso
Image or link to stats would be nice