The 2nd Annual Merry Mine-mas on FOMA!

Dec 31, 2020


Here in a few weeks, Merry Mine-mas is back!
For those who don't remember how it worked last year, here are the deets.

From Saturday the 16th until Monday the 18th, we will be opening up a competition for highest mining loot, both overall and several individual ores and energy matters on FOMA Asteroid! Simply go to FOMA, mine to your heart's content, and submit a screen shot of any big hits you get to this thread between the above dates. Screen shots must contain the date and time, so simply show your system tab. I will tally all the hits and draw random ore or energy matters from a hat. If you got the highest loot in the drawn resource, you win the corresponding prize associated with the drawing. And, of course, the winner of biggest overall gets this year's Yog Pet named Baelzebub! Level 10, ability unlocked! It's only a Yog, NOT a Yog Horror, but the novelty is something. Even if you already have one, think of others! This could be a nice Christmas gift to a friend or loved one! You can also win multiple prizes, like Best Iron Ore, Crude Oil, and Overall loot! Prizes TBD! This event is for beginners and experts alike!

So, let's review:
*Takes place on FOMA
*Screen Shots need to be submitted
*Has to be done between Dec 16th and 18th from 0:00 on the 16th to 23:59 on the 18th
*Prizes will be for several types of Ores and or Energy Matters as determined by a drawing
*Biggest overall loot gets a Yog (hatchling) level 10 with Excavation Speed Unlocked named Baelzebub (And, of course, he is a very good boy)
*Anyone can win more than one prize

I will be streaming the event from my friend's place for a few hours each day and will have updates. I myself will also be competing. On the last day's stream, I will announce the winners by drawing the resources from a hat and seeing who had the biggest of each. You don't necessarily have to global to win!! Just need the biggest.
Watch the stream at

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Because it looks like the event might be pretty big this year, and there simply will not be the space to have every entrant mine on FOMA, I am opening the event up to be on more than just FOMA. The rule is now ANY INDOOR MINING. It can be on Hell. It can be in the Arkadia Underground or Arkadia Moon. It can be on Monria. As long as it is INDOORS, your entry qualifies. This opens things up A LOT. We might even get more participants.

See the above post for the other details about the event, which haven't changed, but this is what I've decided. I thought a long time and very hard about it, and seeing as how Mindark made mining a REALLY competitive job (and risky, too, considering you cannot know whether someone has mined where you are mining within the last hour), it necessitates this change.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, everyone!
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