The Atrox Egg Saga: Neverdie’s personal thoughts


Apr 5, 2006
The Disturbed Ones
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The Atrox Egg Saga:
Neverdie’s personal thoughts

[wrap=right][/wrap]In July 2006 MindArk set our virtual universe alight with a new story line. A new category of Atrox – The Queen, was introduced, along with a quest to find her, kill her and seize the Queens egg.
The Citizens of Calypso were quick to respond and within a matter of days the Desert Rangers had hunted down the Queen and killed her. However, it was soon discovered this was not quick enough and a group of Feffoids had made off with the largest of her eggs.

Fortunately due to the resourcefulness of a hunter by the name of Tzest0s, the egg was soon recovered. Tzest0s waited patiently for something to happen with the egg, but no further developments were forthcoming. Eventually he received an offer to buy the egg from the worlds most famous Avatar – NeverDie for an astounding 100,000 Peds ($10,000).
Now, the story grows cold. The egg has been sat in the VIP lounge at Club NeverDie for 3 months and no news of its purpose has occurred. There has been a huge amount of speculation spanning several threads on this forum with regard to what might happen and did NeverDie make a mistake, a new thread popping up at least once a week. I recently had the opportunity to interview NeverDie, to find out what his thoughts about the egg are and what he believes will happen next:

Entropia Forum (EF): Assuming you brought the egg to profit on, what made you think the value of the egg would exceed $10,000?

NeverDie (ND): I'm not a trader, so when I buy something my first thought is not profit, but excitement. But I felt that $10k was very reasonable for something that will most likely be unique and Powerful....

Many top of the line items or unique items in EU trade above $10k Faps, Weapons, Land Areas... In addition this Egg is central to the Plot of the Entropia Universe storyline, so I'm very excited by how the story will end and to get to play a part in it.

(EF): What do you think/hope it contains?

(ND): The Future of Taming!

(EF): How do you feel when people say MA will change what was going to be in it because of the price you paid/your relationship with MA?

(ND): Well at first it irritated me a bit, because I felt some were hoping to influence MA to downgrade the reward. But Now I really hope that MA should really make it something fantastic, especially since the story has got picked up a bit by the media. I think the Quests are a great opportunity for MA to create mythical items that can capture the imagination of the outside world... The fact that I paid $10k for an egg with a surprise in it is a great story... I didn’t think too much about it when I bid on it, I was just following my instincts, but now in Hindsight I think that the story of the egg perfectly illustrates one of the most exciting elements of EU, the opportunity for discovery, great adventure, and the promise of priceless treasures. EU more than any other virtual Universe has the ability to create priceless virtual items.

(EF): What are your feelings about MA taking so long to actually do anything with the egg?

(ND): I guess the Queen of all Atrox needs time to gestate the longer she takes the bigger and more beautiful she is bound to be.

(EF): Would you still have bought it if you knew it would tie up $10,000 for so long?

(ND): I definitely viewed it as a long term investment from the outset. Whatever it is I hope it’s not something I will ever want to sell.

(EF): Would you have paid more if the seller had asked?[wrap=right][/wrap]

(ND): I think the seller was thrilled to get 100k Ped.

(EF): What do you think of the idea that it may only be unique in colour... for example how would you feel if a unique "red" egg dropped tomorrow?

(ND): I'd be excited to buy it so I could keep my green Egg company.

(EF): Most people speculate it will contain new DNA - how did you feel when Deathifer revealed after your purchase that he had not yet made back 50% of the money from the Globster DNA he purchased at a much smaller amount than the egg?

(ND): Super Uber hunting Mobs tend not to attract as many hunters as one would imagine, I know because my Daspletor are the same. Obviously the same thing could happen with Atrox Queen Egg.

But you know in time, perhaps in a couple of years the Globster may become a popular mob to hunt - when more items are added to EU and the Ubers are much more powerful and are able to Hunt Higher maturity ones.

(EF): Do you think this could be just a stepping stone in the story arc for the Atrox queen/egg or the end of the story once it hatches.

(ND): I imagine that the citizens of Entropia will be the stars of the next stage of the story as we all wrestle to tame a new breed of Atrox.

(EF): If you had an offer for $10,000 now, would you sell it?

(ND): Would you sell your baby for $10,000?

So, now we know what NeverDie’s thought are… only time will tell if he is right and the price he paid is worth the value of whatever is inside the egg, although one things for sure, it has certainly helped him keep the worlds eyes on Entropia and ultimately, what price is that sort of publicity worth?
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