The Beauty of Societies


Sep 22, 2009
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Sorven Shrang Shadowsoul
It’s funny how things work out. One day I woke up and I was here on this strange new planet. It was strange and wonderful to be here. Everything was new and the air was clean. As I wandered around for the first couple of days I marvelled at the beauty of this new world. Since then I’ve wandered around this place almost every day, I love being on my own, out in the wilds of the world. Some would think this kind of life would be lonely, but for me it isn’t. Despite being by myself out there I have found connections to keep me from being alone. Only a couple days after arriving on this planet I met some people while wandering around. These people took me under their wings and taught me many things. It didn’t take much time being with them before I realized I wanted to be one of them and not just their guest.

After joining their society I met many more people. So many different personalities mixed together, that’s what this society was. As they continued to teach me I learned more about them and also met some of their friends that belonged to other societies. The more I learned the more I understood how people were surviving in this unforgiving world. They were surviving and thriving because of each other. Each person had their own reason for joining a society, some for the collective power they share, others because they share a similar profession. For us we were all together because we loved being able to talk to one another. We don’t always do everything together, as I said I’m pretty much a loner most of the time, but when we do get together it is always fun. There is chaos and sometimes organization and all sorts of other things that happen and it gets even more interesting as more of us come together.

You see, for me this society has become more than just a collection of individuals. It has become my family in this world. We have our motherly figure and I have my tormenting older brother and there are so many other people who have become so dear to me. If it weren’t for these people life would be hard here, it would at times be hopeless. Life is hard without having the right support, so for anyone who finds themselves here in this world I highly recommend finding a good society with lots of people you can get along with. Invest some time in others and you will find the greatest riches that are to be found in Calypso.


May 27, 2008
Time Travelers
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Olivia Liv Forever
:yay: I like this story.