Info: The birth of the PFEU: a new interplanetary NPO in Entropia Universe

Feb 21, 2013
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Mercurio Thomaso Morat
Change of Name Announcement:
The PFC Hunts & PFA Hunts are being renamed as the PFEU Hunts.

The PFC, or People's Front of Calypso, has been known to many for the free weekly hunts on Calypso and via the PFA operations on Arkadia. However, after the successful expansion and consolidation of the People's Front of Calypso into Arkadia, the PFC has become an interplanetary organisation. To reflect the larger scale of PFC operations, the organisation has been renamed to PFEU or People's Front of Entropia Universe. As part of this expansion, the homepage of the PFC, now the PFEU, has been moved to

The PFC and PFA Hunts along with the PFA sweat initiative will continue as the PFEU Hunts and Arkadia Sweat Event. It is hoped that, in the fullness of time, we can coordinate more activities with the addition of new infrastructure on other planets - and offer our team hunting experience to a broader base of new Entropia Universe citizens.
Good luck on your venture!
Is this a society or just an weekly event?
bump for the infinity of the entropia universe !