The pursuit of Power crafting - 19% skill boost (sahar Crown and Turrella Suit combo)


Mar 7, 2021
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After Horn of Z'agol it is time for a new challenge... collecting the 19% crafting boost set.

[EDITED: Thank you Arja i mixed names and now i understood]
item 1. Cyrene Courier Touched body suit... this is a "one per avatar" item, requires to grab 9 pieces from Ice zone
5 x 13500 "turrelion crystal pedes"
4 x 14500 "turrellion zeladoths"
These can become Duster Courier and Tourreòòs Touched with an upgrade involbving turrellion essences and then can be
then all 9 pieces become the courier touched suit via a quest NPC in ice zone

The kills count toward Test of Faith quest line for the brown vanity set (TY Arja for clarification) so i will while doing pass from Atlas to turn in these, too.
Total kills are 126.000 at a cost of 0.50 to 1 ped each, for a total of about 80.000 ped.

i value this item 6.000 ped for my avatar accountancy

item 2 - The silver Crown of sahar i will follow the virtuasense chain as described on teh forum, there is a clear explanation, it is just fly back and forth Monria to Toulan and kill and collect items, some are tradable but i am pretty sure that there is a need to loot personally a certain amount.
i value this item 4.000 ped for my avatar accountancy

Turella suit adds 25% speed (CAP) , 4% mining and crafting boost, comapred to Calypso "speed run coat" does not require endless daily token and compared to the "elder god suit" is much more elegant and has craft boost.

cyrene part is not luck based, just grindfest activity. 300 hp * 13500 * 5 = 20.250.000 Hp at 3.20 DPP = 63.281 ped for the turrella touched pieces.
for test of faith i miss 60+50+15k = 125.000 kills, 52.500 extra kills, it is about 2 weeks daily routine and some extra critter, probably i will choose paneleon to search for tail tip, pointing to average 120 HP (paneleon and pleak count) it is another 20k. total cycle is therefore 85.000 ped...

this will be June schedule...

Monria - Toulan Crossover Mission

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Small edit...unless there is another speed set from Cyrene, Duster Courier set has a 20% speed boost, not 25%

There is.... COURIER TOUCHED (upgrade of the one you linked) it melts the 2 sets together (9items) into a single item with both attributes and adds 20 Kg transport

Good luck. The Ultimate Noob Challenge and Test of Faith is not related to the Cyrene suit. Test of Faith gives a different type of clothes that has no buff and can not be altered. We have to do a Daily to get the basic Duster Courier & Turrelia Touched clothing pieces, then use Turrelion Essence to upgrade them. As you can read more about here:
SO.. entered Holoroom with access card, got mission and moved to kill the otis. with 45 dodger maturities of 1 2 3 (25 31 38) were not an issue. decayed 650 ped and got the item. the Waypoint for turn in at "derelict" is UNDERGROUD, wp to entrance of underground cave :
/wp [DSEC9, 35264, 19114, 151, Derelict_cave_entrance]

interact with rose terminal (quantum communication HUB) and turned in

back to holoroom, to rinse and repeat.
Naika forced me to do the Elder God's Wave... pretty easy apart we were just 5, just some issues with 62 level wave, if the zone is crowdy it is rather easy task. did not know that Suit is a 100% drop so added also the Suit of the elder gods to the grind

LAPtop level 3 took 250ish ped shot,
Laptop level 4 took 3400ish ped shot

[EDITED: on Toulan Rais is behind an automatic door. instructions were not totally clear to me... but...
after upgrading Laptop to level 04 there is a further step:
goto Holoroom, interact and gain the mission "corbite meeting" that enables access to the Room]

time to jump on the quad --> Planet Toulan --> Nahar City --> Nahar Towers --> Floor 8 to talk with Rais.

i will speak with the old man so at my arrival i gt also 1 ped uniammo as a reqward (repetable mission)
  • An old Man - /wp [DSEC9 , 37490, 23899, 108, Old Man]
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Reached RAIS, spoke with him, took "Retrieve Resourcfed for DEC I" quest.

i wanted to do it "the cheap way" so i killed Juveniles (Puny) outside of "Citadel" teleporter (got also Nadira quest line for daily crafting,
talked to Askari (134220,93330) for daily 5 dogtag quest (50 pec uniammo)
did Mohkat and Dahhar daily while killing those critters with Barbarella, their own dropped Mawlood Eagles and Hawks.
Drop rate is low, but kills are 1..3 pec each.
in the time i looted 100 Dahhar Skins i looted also 312 Mohkat Hands (i kept myself in the dahhar spawn mainly so rate is really not the same).
aqeeq ore was not a matter, 4 drops got it one with rookie terramaster, the other with F105

now the BAD part (well... FAILSTER part) ....Toulan has NO ADRENAL OIL ON LOOT TABLE so monster side it is not possible to loot 10 flask required.
this is a severe BUG because in VU 17.18 it dropped but anyway there is a trick i learned doing "the psyche master" on Cyrene... fail craft returns count as loot (i forced my level 4 zyn psyche quest this way .. no time to sweat 40.000 flask so i used sweat craft return to rank.

Adrenal is returned by failing Simple 2 conductors, (luckily i got qr 100 simple 1 and 2) and i made simple 1 killing jeefs and sunjock near Nahar city (just SW from TP 200 meter).
after this....backl to Rais for turn in.
Talked to Rais, was sent back to PAM on Dsec-9 (terminus) she is in the office. The lDy wants from me some compujter spare parts
100 damaged Ram 4 gb
100 damaged ram 8 gb
100 Damaged flash drive 2 gb
100 Nawa drops

The huntloot are all obtainable from high level Cabotria (dense spawn istant respawn /wp [DSEC9, 33200, 17500, 121, Caboria_9_11]

Nawa Drop are mining loot in DSEC, bomb only enamatter around NW zone, i got one waling just SW of terminus, been told that around the Eastern square it is common drop.

Damaged RAM and Flash Dreives are WAVE drops, takes some time but they drop also other items (are good for upgrade qeust) and can be killed easily on range, they swarm on melee.
attack is 40 imp 60 electric, i used thunderbird and was reflecting, i saw an avatar killing in DSEC armor (that is in fact ele+imp)
probably a pixie with 5 base electric and some low grade plate is ok,too but thunderbird has low MU and is ok to me

in first 8900 ped shot i fropped all required nawa (1 drop unamped lotos the 120 pieces+), 58+27+57 = 142/300 damaged computer parts.
i am extimating 20.000 ped cycle to finish quest (500 TTloss) for this stage.
Mu is low apart some extractors, these robot drop nothing valuable
now the BAD part (well... FAILSTER part) ....Toulan has NO ADRENAL OIL ON LOOT TABLE so monster side it is not possible to loot 10 flask required.
this is a severe BUG because in VU 17.18 it dropped but anyway there is a trick i learned doing "the psyche master" on Cyrene... fail craft returns count as loot (i forced my level 4 zyn psyche quest this way .. no time to sweat 40.000 flask so i used sweat craft return to

Even worse is this has been reported by numerous people and instead of it being fixed OR a post made by the dev we are told “nope nothing is wrong it still drops” even tho any hunter can tell you that is a lie
apologize i went to toulan and fell in love with the hourly routine.
came to cyrene per event that stopped.

i will go to finish the grind !
i take my quad tonight :) death to the bots!
So you are doing the Crown first and the Suit later?

I have been working on the grind for the suit myself, started the Crown missions 2 years ago, but the grind was very heavy back then.
How are you experiencing it now?
grind has a different meaning in entropia
killing 10k caboria at 0.50 ped each is just to be considered 3 hours session
so no, it is not hard, monster are easy so far. underr level 30
Delivered a stage to Simon, some Lyst and some nawa it activated a daily.

for PAM i miss 48 more ram and 34 hard drive pieces. will continue to kill L10 caboria for them

so,,,, this is the result of the Grind of Rais I quest... of course latest i found were the 100 8gb rams
all from Caboria level 9...11 near DSEC 9 start zone on the left wall
I was missing 62 items and used about 12000 ped cycle on them to get the missing ones. wave based 4..7 dropped per wave.
i deliver and go to Toulan for next step
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Back to Toulan ... met Rais on the last floor of the mall, took DEC II mission

100 Qaffaz tail is superfast, just kill (naked OK , its very low critter) them in the event area, @ /wp [Planet Toulan, 131897, 91685, 104, Waypoint]
take alongside the "resource gather mission" to get some extra reward, culling, sweating and shredding for the man near respawn
100 bahri claw is easy need some defense, viceroy is ok superfast with constant aggro killing @ /wp [Planet Toulan, 132552, 93204, 110, Waypoint]
100 jeef pigment best place is wave, kill 3 waves, abandon (if like me cant kill the level 165 boss solo) the 4th and collect some....
got 26 in random encounters on map then 17 25 14 in each wave @ /wp [Planet Toulan, 131720, 91220, 105, Waypoint]
QAZ Worm 140 pieces.. i did not know planet so i used my entropia mobile, in teh zone SSE of Jelly TP i got 1 node, 20 pieces, been told near Guardian village it is possible enmatter, too... will keep bombing
QAZ ... the hard part was just this damn Worm... i used a M2 local finder south of citadel, tt finder near Sandyshores south and guardian village.
total 140. most boring part hard to bomb about 3000 drops... now i deliver to Rais and more to DSEC9.....