The Twitching Hour



Feb 18, 2005
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Just replace danish with norwegian and you got what I was about to say.

I second that opinion.


"The Twitching Hour" launched Sunday, July 19th @ 18:00MA. The regular party spot for this show is @ Billy's so everyone, young and old, can get there. There's plenty of places to hide goodies for prizes when I do them, there's a ring :handgun:, it's accessible, etc. It makes a good place for some fun times.

I'll have a mix loaded up as this show will be a mix theme. I'll be throwing in comedic bits as well, as has already become a staple of my time on the radio. I will, of course, be taking requests. However, be patient as if I don't have the song, I'll have to find it. It may also happen that I miss your request. I'll apologize in advance in case that happens. During the shows, there is a ton of messaging from a ton of people and things get missed sometimes. I do ask that you please refrain from req'ing songs that are completely inappropriate. I'd like to avoid songs that have excessive foul/offensive language, promote hate or racism. etc. Outside of that, let's party it up. :wtg:

:wtg:Yall doing so great havent been in game last two years or more,but hope be there sunday, i listen to the radio site a bit like it,they call me cat in game ,known star since she was a noob and she even back then made everyone feel so good,Twitch my memorys fadeing on me did i know ya .well Love yall ya doing great Kepp on trucking.:wtg: