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Nov 22, 2009
The Unit
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Now Recruiting

About us

Currently the #20 top skilled society in Entropia Universe.
Currently the #15 top skilled society in Entropia Universe.
We're a mix of old and newer players, working together to have fun and improve our avatars through skilling and new gear.
We believe in helping, skilling and sharing of knowledge within the society.
The society is built on a foundation of respect and kindness - where everyone is equal.
Comradery is an important part of our society - Some of us have met IRL and we're looking forward to any future meets when time allows.
We have a discord where we share information, banter and voice chats.

Our goals
Top 10 skilled.
Hunting, mining & crafting with as good results as possible.
We try to achieve this by hunting together where possible to even out the loot returns and skilling as effectively as possible.
Creating a good atmosphere.
Skilling, looting, laughing.

What we are looking for
We are currently looking for players from all time zones.
Active hunters, miners & manufacturers on all planets
If your gear setup works for you - we're happy.
If it doesn't work for you - we're happy to help and do our best to improve our returns.

If you enjoy comradery, skilling, hunting, codex & meta - this is the place for you.

To join us, please apply directly in-game and send a message to introduce yourself to either:
Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise
Nicholas Looser EnterGate

Please include your;
Time zone
(Avatar)Age - some of us has been around Entropia since 2004-08-12 :cool:
Total skills
Your "long term goal" within Entropia Universe.
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Your society sounds really nice and like a great place for people to apply! You definitely advertised well. I got to admit I would apply too if I wasn't already in Victory already.
Weekend bump

Love skilling and team hunting for better kill costs?

Apply today!
Tuesday bump

Need some new friends to skill and hunt together with?

Contact us!
How can I join? I just left mine because it's been inactive for over a year.
Hi Fang,

We have received your application. I have notified recruitment officers to contact you.

Kind regards,
Bump - we're growing steadily. Still looking for more people to share the fun with =)
Bump - We are recruiting people with a skill level of 500k+ currently, and if you are interested in RDI/Spina you are of great interest to us.

Please reach out to either me, or Nicholas Looser EnterGate on the forums or in game with your application.

There are worse places to be in EU a wacky mix of people in this soc... Bump it up
Is the 500k skills a must have requirement?
My old soc :) A lot of good information exchange in terms of advice in the game but also a lot of good laughs and feels like a big family in the game :)