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Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh
United Buyers Exchange Resource (UBER)
Buy Low, Sell High!

Working Together we can accomplish more!

I just created a new society in game, United Buyers Exchange Resource.

I need a few members to establish this society as a permanent society in game, and will be sending out many invites in the coming days to folks on my friends list, shop owners, and many others.

I started this society today while working on the TT Plus Half Ped Pile, and thinking back about the many years ago when I was a member an establishing member of STTS and the NBK Entrepreneurs (before the days when it was disbanned and absorbed by NBK Otium). I miss those days of trading at friendly rates with society members and the general community and having a lot of friends on friend list that traded with me daily... so I decided to create this friendly society for others to join me that wish to get back to that entreprenueral spirt that ignited those type of initiatives oh so many years ago.

In todays market, as you can see in the TT Plus Half Ped Pile there are literally thousands of peds worth of items being TTed or even worse, sold to the auctioneer at TT or below TT value. With the TT Plus Half Ped Project I've been buying up some of that stuff to reallocate towards others. I figure a society of like-minded individuals that wish to help out one another may not be such a bad idea.

Society goal is just to help one another be better at whatever our goals are in game, and to occassionally TT stuff to one another for both avatar's gains.

THERE WILL BE NO SOCIETY FUND SINCE MINDARK CONSIDERS ALL TRADES FINAL. However, I'm constantly cycling stuff through auction bidding on TT+0 stuff, so I'd be happy to sell some of that stuff to society members at TT value. Hoping society members may be willing to do likewise to myself or other members of the society from time to time. :)

Yes, reselling is allowed and somewhat encouraged... However, this type of reselling actually could crash your market if you are not careful since we actually are in a roundabout way working to lower markup on some things. ;)

Avatars at any skill level are welcome.
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