Help: Update: Necessary planet data files


Jun 19, 2019
I've submitted a support request, but the only response I've received so far told me to do stuff in the FAQ, which I had already done. So I'm turning here hoping someone has a suggestion that helps. I'm sorry about the length of this post, but I'm trying to provide complete data as to what i've tried.

Ever since the last update, (over a week now), it checks for updates, goes to Downloading necessary planet data, and goes for a variable time/amount of data, stops, checks for updates, starts over from 0B, and goes on and on like this. Every once in awhile it will download enough to complete a file, which has slowly reduced the necessary amount to download.

I have an i5-4590 @ 3.30 GHz (4 cores)
8 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce GTX 750-Ti
Windows 10 Home, ver 1903. x64

Connection is through a Sattelite Modem, no router, ethernet cable connected from computer to modem. Only computer connected to modem, so no sharing.

I've tried setting download speed to every speed from 56k to 2.0Mb.
I've set the number of download threads from 1 to 12.
I've got only the planet calypso selected for download, which is the planet I am on.
I've run the client loader both in normal mode, and as administrator.
I've deleted temporary internet files, including specifically the IE cache, even though I use chrome.
I've rebooted, reset the modem.
I've changed the DNS to Open DNS.
I've reset the network.
I've booted to safe mode with networking.
I've done a complete, clean reinstall 3 times, to different locations.
I've checked connectivity of the modem, and it shows 0% packet loss through the gateway.
I've excluded the client loader and entropia updater from the antivirus, as well as excluded The public user data folder.
I've allowed Clientloader, EntropaUpdater, and the entropia client through the firewall.
I've specifically set up firewall port rules to allow all the recommended ports and type of connection.
I specifically downloaded the Visual C redistributables for 2019, both 32 and 64 bit.

None of those have worked, I've continued to have the same problem.

I've ran resource monitor, to monitor network and disk activity of Client loader... it shows no packet loss whatsoever, with most of the TCP traffic coming from No disk activity takes place at all. Also, it goes from network traffic fine, to a sharp drop to 0 activity when it resets... no long delay for a timeout to have occurred. The client loader doesn't completely restart... it only shows the Eula window once. It just goes back to checking for updates.

Support has so far been no help, with only one reply, to which I responded with additional information replying to their suggestions.

I'm at my wits end. I like this game, but if I don't get this working soon, I'm ready to just say the hell with it. I've done almost nothing on the net except running the client loader prolly 20 hours a day, for a week.

I hope someone here has a suggestion for something that will make this work.

Tia, Kinkayd