Web shop boxes or straight deposit?

May 31, 2019
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I was thinking about the same at August, at the end i was did both because i wanted to buy stuff, and i wanted to test it myself.

I can tell you the result so far:

125 box + starter pack 700p ammo, so i should have 1950p ammo.
after the graduation, more than 1 cycle, i converted some shrap back during August, at the end, i still had around 1800p in loot or shrap or ammo, + around 70p worth of pills + pixie armor set from graduatiuon+ was lucky and got ares modified (2000p) from one of the boxes, i would count it as 1800p + 70p pills / 1950p uni ammo + lucky ring + graduation armor set + skills and fun.

120 usd was deposited also, got 1158p for it ingame.
without the ring it would be break even with the pills and armor set, with the ring, it was a big win.

500 box for ammo + 400 usd for gear.

500 box ended up 4808p ammo after converting the trash pills to ammo, 142p from fireworks, 157p worth of Neoru A (45x).
i have still a bit more than 2100p uni ammo to shoot, so far the results from the 500 usd box / 5000p ammo:
4642p in uni ammo and loot together, 142p from fireworks, 157p pills = 4941p
some of the loots have mu, so its a bit more, but i dont calculate with it yet, but still 2100+ ped ammo left to shoot, i expect the loot goes worse and the difference to be bigger.
+ skills, + fun, + more than 100 xp boost pills including 3 x 100% for 10 hours, no ring this time unfortunately.

400 usd deposit = 3860p.

I will sure using the box way in the future, if no hurry to buy something asap ingame.
Its a really good calculation,u made there.
So u are like 59 ped short on boxes +MU plus the pills which helps a lots in skill gain and others for hunting which helps a lot..
So its way better to buy boxes...
Congratz on the ring.I have never been lucky in any game where lotery decide
I hope i am gonna be 1 day to get something nice,just to see how it feels like to get something what is worth.
I already was buying boxes,only the pills helped me a lot in hunting and skill gains.its worthy anyways then str8 deposit..
In this game there shouldnt be word "rushing"since its real money in stake.
Still depends on each others wallet.
Best regards
Thnx for info.
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Jun 9, 2013
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So for me as a miner, the non-tradable pills used to mean boxes weren’t as good as buying straight UA. It wasn’t until this thread I found out you can refine the pills into UA as well. Something worth repeating since it’s my first time hearing it in over 5 years playing.