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Jan 5, 2006
Chicago, IL
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Randy Hypnotyk Bafia
Hello everyone.

As you may (or may not) know, I was an official streamer with MindArk for a small campaign that they ran earlier this year and I still stream on Twitch to this day. While the official streamer campaign may be over, I put it on myself to create a new streaming initiative for myself. I created the discord chat channel for Entropia Universe and decided that I want to hold to a steady stream schedule with the people that participate in the EU discord. What this has resulted in is over 12 episodes and counting of team hunts that typically start around 8 or 9 PM Eastern Time US on Mondays, but sometimes on Tues/Wednesday depending on my rl schedule. I encourage anyone to join us in the Discord and for the team hunts as they are a great fun. I usually do a 10 ped giveaway at the end of each stream and the video/mic is always on :) I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can join us sometime!

Twitch URL: www.twitch.tv/lunatyck
YouTube URL: www.youtube.com/user/lunatyck05
Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/014T5imCg3IphFixA


PS: Please feel free to post any comments/suggestions/tips for the stream and what you would like to see on future shows.

Episode 14

Sorry I fell behind with this thread, will try to update this more often in 2017!

Episode 22

some more crabs.. not really good loot this time around

Episode 23

Another crab run. This one was one of my funniest and successful streams to date!

Latest stream

Had to do a solo hunt this time around
5 HOFs with 2 Ubers at Big Bulk!

HUUUUUUUGE big bulk run last night with the discord. The team got a total of 5 hofs, 2 of which were 1K+ ubers! I missed the last uber since I was done for the night, but some peeps kept shooting. Looks like it paid off :) :yay::yay:

Make sure to join us next week Monday for the weekly discord hunt!