What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

This turns into a music video at the end, and there is quite a bit of craziness in this thread so i don't feel so bad putting it here. And its not really advertising for Kosta Boda either. I think people will enjoy watching it. It's brief, fun and rather relaxing. And subtitles :)

Because of EU, I have become obsessed with Ernst Billgren art. Everything this person touches explodes into color and creative energy. It doesn't matter what medium; glass, canvas, life itself.

This person has so much depth, one could drown in it, I believe.



I will show you some dance moves you've not seen before! :D

Just cannot resist - Radiohead's Creep is excellent & this parody does it no favors. But US people actually voted for this empty suit :(

I see the 🌍 in a very different way to most people.

What is 🏠 ?