Help: where to start as a newbie try hard

~ Cirrus ~

Dec 27, 2017
Why "choose" and stick to one planet ? :)

If the question is "where to birth your avatar", apriori it doesn't really matter.
Except Toulan and Monria, that offer free warp on weekends or during events to natives I think (but anyway everyone can get citizenship through a mission)

So where you start doesn't really matter in my opinion.
Just because you don't have to stay on the planet you start on.
I mean, whith a Quad, all planets are about 15-30 minutes away from each other.

The mission chains for newcomers are nice to do on all planets (some are longer and more complete than others)

Except maybe for Rocktropia, which sadly is left for dead and full of bugs..

So why not make these beginners mission chains on every planets.
It allows you to play without spending too much at the beginning, to get some little freebies.
And it makes you discover each planet, and at the same time to understand the mechanics of the game.

And it's quite nice to do.
Once all these little missions are done, you move on to the "grind grind, grind again, regrind and grind again and again" part of Entropia which is less fun.

I'm currently L93 with more than 370k skills, and sometimes I whish I'd go back to the beginning at my level 5, and do again those little missions from scratch that were actually quite fun for some.. (and sooo much cheaper.. :cry:)
I rly hope MA to revitalize PvP related things in EU someday, since it's the only fun part of the game at mid/high level IMO. (but that's another story..)

On Caly, the missions are first in Thule, then around Icarus, Half-Moon, Sisiphus, etc..

On Toulan, you have to go to Citadel I think, the beginner mission chain starts there, and is rather well designed

For the other planets I don't remember, but you just have to go to the place where the new born avatars appear on the planet in question to start the chain.

On RT, I think only "Hunt the thing" is good to do, nice to do, and you end up with a free helico.

As for the Disciple part, it doesn't matter where you start or where you play, when you're at 99% progressing, just move on the planet you want the armor from, finish your progress there, and it's good.

So that's my thought,
why stick on a planet ?
Play them all, as a newcommer and even after, there's good and bad on all planets. :coffee:
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