Question: Worth the Upgrade or Keep saving?


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May 13, 2006
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Hi Guys, my pc is coming to the end of its life :(

I'm currently using a AMD Athlon 2600 with 1gig DDR400 ram and a ge Force 6200 graphics card. All purchased between 3 and 4 years ago and its starting to struggle with Entropia.

Entropia is the only game I use the PC for, infact its the only thing I use it for, I have a Laptop for internet/ebay other online stuff.

Now I'm really bad with computers, I know nothing at all so i'm looking for some help. I prefere to have my money ingame rather than on the PC running it, so i'm not looking for a Super PC, just something to run it a little better :)

I've been offered the following fairly cheap and wondered what you thought??

green AMD BE-2300 CPU, 2GB RAM,80GB hard drive and a 450 watt PSU. I will need to get a graphics card for it but thats all I would think. Is it going to be a noteable upgrade or should I keep saving for a Quad core??

Help and advice is really appreciated.

Cheers Guys
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Keep saving. :)
its pretty much the gfx card that does all the work for running entropia , that and the available ram . that seems a nice secure setup for what your trying to achieve ,

however just be sure to make sure that the motherboard is compatible with pci express graphics cards ( the new ones ) and not agp ( the old ones) although i pretty sure it should be .

you might want to also note , depending on what gfx card ur after , 450watt power supply isnt really all that much , fine for a decent card but certainly aint gonna cut it if you wanna get something fancy .

hope that helps a little :)
If you don't run EU in higher resolutions, get that green setup and buy cheap pci-e-card with proper pixel shader support. It isn't fast but cheap. EU will run much better and you can enjoy hunting/mining on amethera continent too.
Keep saving
i dont even think thats an upgrade. you need to save, though dont need state of the art top spec quad business, upper-mid rnage processor (ie go for good cost/performacnce) and put money into best possible gfx card(s) < SLI FTW :D
I would say keep saving =).
When you buy an new comp main thing you will need to look into is the motherboard, if you have an fairly new that you can run newer ram memories/cpus/graph cards you will be able to upgrade again after a year.

Not so very good at explaining this things in english.
EDIT: I wouldn't buy it now, I'd wait till January. :)
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Cheers Mega.....Your...errr...Mega :)
Cheers Mega.....Your...errr...Mega :)

Well, I'd be wary of buying reconditioned and erm from Dixons too.

Have a look on & too, that's where I tend to buy PC stuff.
Cheers Guys, I supose I should dig a little deeper n my pockets to get something a little more future proof.

what about



This is sort of my Budget for a PC + about £80 on a Graphics Card. any thoughts?

The second one, while looking nice at the first glance, has grafics integrated on the motherboard (nVidia GeForce 7050). This and the fact that it seems to be an micro case let's me think you might running into problems when you want to upgrading grafic card (insufficient power supply).

The first one is barely worth it. It will be an little faster with EU then your current setup but not much. (only 1 GB RAM, Dual Core will help with cry engine but not much with current engine).

You might consider this option:

If you can find an cheap way to upgrade your current PC to 2 GB RAM, that will help an lot with EU. Maybe an friend can help you with purchasing the right memory module, they are very cheap atm.

As you can play EU with your current PC, just wait until we get an affirmative date for the Cry update from MA. It is very likely that you will get an much better deal for your budget by then.
Would also say not to buy now.
PCs will surely not become more expensive any time soon, rather even cheaper.
And buying before January is a waste of money, everyone wants to have something new for yule and the prices started rising end of October.
Those refurbished PCs look way too expensive.
Im just off to the Pikey camp to pick up another fruit machine for fifty quid.
Glorified money box but hey.

Good luck with your EU gaming machines peops.

Just jovial moi ;)

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