Selling: WTS Ajusted vigi (M) set with Sga helm

Coffino Rang

Jan 10, 2023
Selling Vigilante set adjusted with SGA helm.
All buffs work and a really great set vs robots so ideal during Twen.

[Vigilante Helmet, SGA Edition (M)] Tier 2.99 Tier Rate 171/200
[Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.48 Tier Rate 98/200
[Vigilante Thigh Guards, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.26 Tier Rate 31/200
[Vigilante Gloves, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.21 Tier Rate 61/200
[Vigilante Arm Guards, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.46 Tier Rate 123/200
[Vigilante Shin Guards, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.99 Tier Rate 90/200
[Vigilante Foot Guards, Adjusted (M)] Tier 0.99 Tier Rate 152/200

Starting Bid at TT+1.5k
Buyout set at TT+1.8k

Pm me here or post ur bid in forum

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Have a great day :)