Selling: WTS [Genesis Star Excavator, Adjusted] T2.99 (SOLD)


Apr 5, 2021
im selling my adj excavator T2.99
im switching professions, and im stepping out of mining, the profits are great but i need a change and need to skill up my avatar and learn a new profession to be profitable in.

as many miners know, this adj excavator is the 2nd best excavator in the entire game. only behind the imp excavator with a price tag of 20k+

SB - 9k
BO - 10k

for the person buying this tool i will share some information including my mining sheets from after mining rework. that include my mining profit margins.
(i only played around 2 months with new mining rework at a casual rate) (around 100k cycled)

Items of interest -
-emik enigma l4 low/mid tier
- M83 low/mid tier

Message me ingame / on forums
-Zach onlygodplays Lusk
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