Selling: WTS Zyn'viathan Coin 6!


Dec 1, 2022
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Xavier Malaki Kane
Hello all! I now have two (2) Zyn'viathan Coins I am selling. For context, you require all 10 Coins in order to unlock the Epic Jellyworm Pet which gives a 4% damage boost at max level.

COIN 6 of 10

This coin was awful to get. I probably spent ~500 hrs shooting Turrelion Zeladoths at an average kill cost of ~0.4P. The mission required you to kill 250,000 of these buggers. So, even if you somehow magically got 95% returns, you'd still be out 5k Ped once done. Not to mention 500 hrs you'll never get back.

Asking 3k Ped (Taking reasonable offers too)

COIN 9 of 10

I also have enough badges to get Coin 9 (requires you to trade in 2500 badges). Seems badges are required for all sorts of things now so a bit hesitant to cash them in unless its worth it.

Asking 700 Ped SOLD

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