Wu Wei

Entropia Dao

Dec 10, 2021
Wu Wei

By not forcing, the master leaves nothing undone

I login an my avatar materializes where I left off.
Wearing the new Atlas armor I got from graduating as a disciple on Next Island.
I started playing again last fall.
I don't know exactly why.
Calypso feels the closest thing I have to a feeling of home.
Memories and solitude, a whole world hidden in the obscure regions of gaming.

I don't have any plans. I don't plan on making money. I did that before and it was
not fulfilling. I don't plan on becoming uber because I don't want to spend the effort.
I do dream of hunting some of the higher end mobs, caperon, areneatrox, aurli, SE, etc.
But I'll hunt them when the time is right.

My avatar will progress slowly by itself; and what I want, I already stated.
Home, a mind-space to anchor my thoughts.

Here I will write my ponderings while I hunt and meander the lands.
Whatever comes to mind
Some people go fishing, some people walk along the ocean.
I log into Entropia and my avatar materializes.

I feed this rabbit someone gave me a couple months ago and check its affection.
When it reaches 100% I'll give it the name I use as nickname for my wife.
She doesn't game, at all. This is my world to explore.
She wouldn't understand, couldn't understand.
I'm not even sure I understand, but it is the closest thing I have to call a home.
The human mind is a peculiar thing.
You will have nothing and you will be happy

This morning I picked up the trilomite daily and went exploring Amathera a bit.
After killing forty of them and claiming my token I looked for the closest Teleporter.
Nea's place, once a famous LA was closest. It was also void of green dots.
I remember this place having green dots, day and night.
Owners change, places change, and people move on.

Adding the token to my ever growing stack, I start planning.
I estimate that by the time my current guns die I will be skilled
enough to use the Soul MK.5.
Together with a beast amp that will be my mean weapon for the foreseeable future.

Each day I check the dailies, a routine,
Searching for easy dailies and bonus missions.
Consistent routine beats concentrated effort.
Meanwhile I slowly progress through Karona's mission.
3 extenders go a long way on CDF weapons.

It doesn't seem fast, but it is well passed in reality.
I don't need to buy any L guns nor a need for an UL gun.
No worries about an expensive item which will make me more involved,
worried about the economy and changing my perspective
in order to defend my purchase.

Instead the slow cadence of tokens and increasing gun power.
Let others break their heads on ingame economic worries
and calculating loot return.
For I came here to roam the lands, steady my aim and pray for loot.
The worrying I reserve for when I log out.
And even then I realize,
this too is game.
It is the process, not the result

Last week I've been concentrating too much on my skill gains,
Instead of enjoying the moment.
In part because I wanted to be able to use a bigger gun,
and shoot different mobs.

This is the point, where I realize I lose my flow
and enter the grind.

The grind is a space where you focus on something,
whether it is a skill, tokens, skill points or a loot return,
instead of being present in the moment.
Time passes while you zone out,
and in the end you feel depleted,
as if waking from a restless sleep.
The shadow of a soul

Be aware.
Whenever I am aware of how I feel before and after I log into EU,
I notice how my mood afterwards is more depressed.
It is not the loot, but the feeling that something is missing,
something deeper

I pondered about this for years,
and found
That whatever I was looking for in here,
I need to find out there

McBain said it well when he spoke about how gamers

are the best equipped to deal with life.
Applying the concept of grinding to achieve something
and now I understand something deeper.

Most of the things I learned in PE/EU are things,
not translatable to words.
They need to be experienced, and understood
on the level of the soul.

I might come back in winter
to reflect
I do realize, that the avatar that matters
is not the pixels in EU
but the body my soul embodies
and there is a whole world out there
to explore.