Zombie Loot Hunt (Rocktropia free hunt 7/08/2022)

Nov 4, 2020
Ok, listen up. I'm putting together a crack team of hunters to raid the boneyard that is Zomhattan. We'll meet at the nearest TP everyone has to [REDACTED] ((I'm guessing Noobs Noobs Noobs)) and fly in with two teams of choppers, then land at [REDACTED] Teleporter. Then we'll regroup and take out as much of the zombie horde that haunts Zomhattan as we can before we need to fall back to the teleporter and make our escape with as much loot as we can carry. Our medic will be [REDACTED] and we will also have a cameraman called [REDACTED]. I'll be giving out 5 PED of Weapon Cells and a Mawlood Recruit Eagle (L) - a Toulan rifle given to kids, noobs, and their womenfolk - a true rat shooter, but still quite effective against zombies if fired in large numbers. Also there might be a little prize for 1 guy and girl in the team. So when is our little hot drop happening? 1900 hours ((7pm EU time)) - but I'd like us to meet up 15 minutes before. Just wanted to say good luck, and I'll personally shoot you in the head if you get infected; we can't bring back the contagion to Old Harlem and the mainland as well

Team so far

Host: Crazy Kai

Healer: Isabelle

Streamer: Danny

Event Benefactors Danka Soul Needue donated Hoplite/Trojan armour

and 11 random players

Also post here if you are interested in joining. The healers we take on these events normally donate heals. I run a non-profit event which is run by a free-to-play player (I'd pay for decay if I could) and we always had someone to stream the hunting events, which has become quite the tradition. I will also be creating a page for my other event on this forum, which is a sweating event and I'll post it at the bottom of this post.

Messages from our sponsors:

soul: The Jolly Hoffer is open and full of all sorts pop by or just relax in the bongy garden[Rocktropia, 134377, 83565, 145, Waypoint]

soul: come to Harlows Furniture Store, Loft 1 at[Rocktropia, 135501, 88234, 100, Waypoint] feel free to relax in comfort Enjoy!
soul: or head up to lvl 2 rooftop Party House[Rocktropia, 135501, 88234, 101, Waypoint]

I'd first off like to thank Soul for providing this year's summer hunt prize for Rocktropia, a male and female set of hoplite armour. Alusz-Iphigenia won the female set and Albern Nightfury Cedric won the males set. I'd like to thank Danny for streaming the event and also like to thank Isabelle for healing. I'd like to say sorry for the problems at the beginning that lead to Alusz-Iphigenia getting stuck in NWO Prison >.<... Then again it wouldn't be a crazy Kai event if something did not go wrong XD

I will be uploading the event picks in the next few days....

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