Zunami's Beauty Salon


Oct 22, 2007
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Dark Zunami Angel

Welcome to my salons,

Located on both Calypso & Arkadia
Calypso - Twin Peaks Mall, Level 2, Shop 1
Arkadia - Sanctuary Cove, Building 4, Level 1

In need of a make-over ?
All Haircuts and All Body and All Face adjustments available.​

also providing a color (lvl 27) and texturing (lvl 36) service.

Find me on Calypso in Twin Mall level 2, (shop or auction)
on Arkadia either in Celeste Quarry or Sanctuary Cove (appartment or auction)
or send me a PM here on the Forum.


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Your place looks great, love your signs ;)

Nice work unlocking everything,
Lets hope for a beauty VU now :)

Game on!!!! :handgun:
Wow looks fantastic, you have really put some work into this!! :wtg:

She's hot, and nice skills too.

I ran to her a few times when I was a noob.

Good to see your heart is still beating(playing).

Zunami is my best advice for any of your beauty requirement.

Very nice skills and also very nice RL skills in fashion and such stuff, + a very nice and patient person.

Been in your shop few months ago, you did awesome job then.

Your shop/salon is realy nice rebuild.

The hairstyle sign is a great idea.

gl with the bussines
Thx for all the nice commants :)

Really Happy to read that :woohoo:
I had my hair changed by Zunami :)

Thanks for the fast service and nice price!

I really recommend her :D
YAY Thx Anzak :)

Really nice of you to commant on my thread :)

Looking good you're shop! When makeup gets back it the game ore you planing to skill it to? I stocked a nice amount of it;)
hehe well Make up was a RL skill ;)

you just need a talant to draw or be good witeh matching colors.
Everyone coud do make up by them self :)
so there is ( so far ) nothing to skill in make up :)

Just need the Empty masks and the make up.. and you was abel to start ;)

But will when its back, sell them too :)

But who knows.. maybe there will be added a make up skill in future lol :)
great service
nice person
Hello everyone,.

It's christmas-time, added cosy decorations to get into the christmas mood.
Gentlemen, you still have time to get your make-over before the He-Man event starts.

Season Greetings :xbiggrin:
woot woot
indeed it is very beautiful christmas decorations
she make us all sexy tooooooo

would just like to give a big thanks for my mohawk not many good hair stylists about

great price and great service

After multiple failed attempts from beauticians from all over the Entropia Universe, Dark Zunami was finally able to color Sinofmen's brows from blonde to red to match her hair.

Zunami is the best, we thank you so much for getting this task done for us ;)
Awwww so sweet of you peeps! thx! :))
Added picture with a few different eye styles to the main post.
Absolutely amazing!!!

Zunami gave me the greatest look that i coulda ever hoped for :D got my ghost eyes, white skin, and amazing hair :D I couldnt have asked for a better person to fix me up :) Love ya Zunami!
I love this shop and ofc i'm sooo happy someone is finally skilled enough to replace sorg.
I need changes everyday lol cauz we girls are that way :rolleyes: and Zunami is always there to respond to my so many requests!
Today i went and she had unlocked a new Iris!! Luminescent ghost eyes :yay: i'm proud to be the 1st ava to wear it lol
Took lil a screenie to show :

THANK YOU ZUNAMI!!! keep it going :woot:
Thanks for the new eyes ;)

New awesome looking iris's!!

Thank's a bunch! awesome service!!
i know who to go to next time i want to change something! ;D
Keep up the good work! :)

- Sindre
I stopped in to see Zunami the other day and not only was she very professional but I was in and out in less then 5 minutes! Thank you Zunami and keep up the great work! :yay:
Afro :banana:

u do always great work zunami =)

i still enjoy the afro :D its funky
Thank you for the work yesterday :)