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I rarely log in. When I do, it's usually robot events at Fort Lahar or Medusa.
I'd be interested in the total XP and your asking price for your S0ph13.
EOR OK  if you ok with it i will buy your Tiger armor for 11K :) all in Peds
You can PM me in game Arathorn xx Dugesclin
Arathorn xx
Arathorn xx
Ok i called the bank was a big foreign deposit far from my home it is why the did block. but now ok Just waiting for you :)
Arathorn xx
Arathorn xx
Well Entropia not working on this old lap top. Well i won t be able to connect. I pass. I really wanted this armor alredy have 4 parts but that s ok. You busy i m busy...
I had night shift 12h sleeping after
In game name Jurko LuckY DUDE