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♥♥ OulalaHeal while you Kill ♥♥ [EMT kit Ek-2600, Improved] +11% Reload ☎

⚡⚡ OulalaKill DPS Service ⚡⚡ [Ozpyn LR S1X1] ☎
Hello iDoser,

Are you still selling your eMIne (M) set? Could you please let me know the price you are selling it for?

I am interested in buying the set.

Best regards,
Hunting Exarosaur in Calypso.
And improving Evade. 🏃‍♀️
And still looking for Paint Can (Burgundy).
By the way, I pointed out that I need thousands of Paint Can (Burgundy).
Hit me with a super MP 👊, if you have any. Ty (!).
Style and elegance, above all things. 😌
Estilo y elegancia, sobre todas las cosas.
Buscando muchísimos tarritos de borgoña (!). o_O
Looking for many burgundy jars.
Please stop reading the forum if you are going to be sending troll messages such as "please stop posting on the forum. thanks, from all of us," as such bullshit is far more useless than anything... Since I see a total of 2 posts from you at the time of this writing, it'd also be nice if you stop reading with all of your alternative avatar profiles as well. Thanks.