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  1. Apologies for ending story

    Hi guys

    I was planning to continue writing the story, but unfotunately I am getting too sick atm to continue. As far as I know the doctors have said its not fatal, so I hope to be well again soon.

    But atm I just don't have the strength to write a story, so I apologise for that.

    I'm sure I will continue to see you guys in game until such time as I have to go to hospital (precautionary and not booked in yet).

    So Good luck with Harbinger ...
  2. Exoddus Station

    Present Day

    Doctor Susan Fraser is a middle aged woman just coming into her own. At 5' 11" and an angular face that is softened by her long brunette hair in the latest style from Sorg and ice blue eyes, that have a laser like look when performing her duties carefully and meticulously.

    Dr Fraser had only been appointed as head of Colonial Medical Facilities on Calypso, straight from Earth. Which was unusual now days as Calypso's population is going through a baby ...
  3. Calypso Burning

    August 2009

    The Calypsian Astronomers have warned us that the Typhon is on a collision course with the planet, as you can imagine this has caused global panic as the colonists are being evacuated to Exoduus Space Station.

    I'm currently in Fort Argus, helping to evacuate people through the transporters. As usual there are the disorganised people who have left everything until the last moment.

    I'd rather be out mining, rather than going through this, but ...

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