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  1. DJ's mate's Head

    Well, If your going to get on a 16'2 hh horse, ex racehorse, thoroughbred, I'm thinking "Do up your hat at least!!"
    Especially one that is known to buck and rear
    My friend didnt

    End result, she's found in the lane outside the yard, with a serious head injury.

    Where has DJ been?

    Doing the work her now nearly dead friend cant do.

    Horses are easy, all you have to do is throw a saddle on them and go enjoy ...
  2. Dejays Dad part 2

    Nice news is, my Father had tests and the cancer hasnt spread to his bones, or anywhere else

    Sad news is, all those people that were lost for words in-game..can now speak to me again, Its all cool now, my father isnt about to drop dead.

    Thanx for not knowing what to say..So saying nothing, and totally avoiding me, I really appreciated that

    /sarcasm off\

    But I am harsh, I can understand it, people do come here ...
  3. DJ's Wrath

    Ok where am I at now?


    Its not displaced btw, so any psychologists reading this can eff off straight away.

    Im so VERY angry.

    So there we all were, a happy time, a great time btw!!
    People I had known from childhood, all my relatives, ALL there on the Eve, having a good time at the hotel bar.

    Was just the happiest place I could be at. Absolutely surrounded by all the important people in my life. ...
  4. DJ's Blur

    I have no idea how I have spent the last week.
    Its all a blur.
    Living a life in shock, and trying to get on with normal life.
    Burnt dinners and near on car accidents.
    Friends in game..
    OMG bless my friends in-game
    People are SO polite at time.
    and thank you

    I have no memory of questions asked of me this week, and no memory of people answering my questions.

    Did that make sense lol?

    I have some really ...
  5. DJ's Dad

    ...and so, another episode of my life unfolds;

    My father is dying, consumed by cancer.

    My blogs have so far contained life as a child, as an adult, but for life to continue, then it must contain death.

    I have some vague recollection of my brother breaking the news to me.
    I cannot remember it totally as I collapsed from shock.
    It is a shock.

    For now, I want to be alone, in-fact EU is a blessing.
    My life consists of doing ...
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