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  1. NightwolfAA2k5's Avatar
    Glad to see you enjoyed yourself like xaph, I can't wait for the Perth expo in a couple weeks time
  2. xaph's Avatar
    Excellent report mate, I cant wait to be at
    the GO3 Entertainment Expo in Perth Australia July-August 2008
  3. jaydub's Avatar
    I was there and I wasn't offered any PED card! I would definitely have been interested. BTW, the Hogglo figurines rock! Thanks!
  4. levithanikos's Avatar
    Very nice Post ... and Funny .. Poor Poison ..
  5. strakkan's Avatar
    Great work as always Net !!
  6. Immortal's Avatar
    Great post love the updates. Keep them coming
  7. AlphaGeek's Avatar
    It looks like MA Official 08 is trying to put contacts in. LOL
  8. Acronoid's Avatar
    Now I get the name of that red armored person at the televator in twins. He was called convention avatar 1
    thought already MA was being at one (should read more of the forum I know)
  9. safara's Avatar
    Nice blog thing NS, just found this.

    Glad to see you are having a great time
  10. MindStar9's Avatar
    Excellent reporting my sweet cheeked friend, keep it coming, you are a natural for this, and I'm lovin' it! ;)
  11. Vap0r's Avatar
    Thanks for the updates man! Keep up the good work Oh and it looks like star could use a lil bit of that makeup he won hehe- Your looking a bit rough dude!
  12. MindStar9's Avatar
    Thanks for sharin' the pics, you cutie you! Is this where I pay YOU the ped each time I look at YOUR pic! ;)
  13. sir odd's Avatar
    Great pics, keep 'em coming!

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