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soLO 3000

  1. Freshly back from a 3 month ban

    Not really happy about it, I was pretty pissed off but have calmed down now!

    I don't have much time to post at the moment but by the end of the week I'll hopefully be back full time and discuss in full the banning.

    And when I do come back im on a mission to rip JC a new asshole that f*cling wanker.


  2. Random Thoughts

    How to Blog?

    Maybe i'll give this blog thing a go, as far as I understand all you need to do is pour random thoughts onto the page is that right? and then other people read your random thoughts and post thier equally random opinons on your random thoughts, all in all its pretty random

    im intrigued, i'll post properly tomorrow, i have many random thoughts, sometimes even two or three

    Updated 07-27-2009 at 17:22 by soLO 3000 (spelling)


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