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  1. !! This is a scam !!

    When two avatars compete in the same event having the same profesión levels, but one of them has 50 times more gear than the other in my opinion it is a scam. Because the avatar without equivalent resources will have no chance against the other, and he will have no option than loosing everytime. (Imagine Mike Tyson fighting in the same ring against Rambo, will be something ...

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  2. Some ideas about "luck" in Entropia Universe

    An idea for discussion on the rarity and distribution of large loots in EU
    by Xavier Riquelme
    translated by Growlz

    There are two commonly held theories that explain loot distribution in Entropia Universe.

    The first states that a 90% long term rate of return of TT value can be obtained by any player recycling a critical mass of PED.

    The second states ...

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    Ideas and Hypothesis
  3. About Gambling, Chance, and Entropia Universe

    The chance (in spanish “azar”) linked to gambling (in spanish “juegos de azar”) is defined as that unpredictable outcome, because there is no cause to produce it. If something has no cause, or variables that generate it, then you can never predict it.

    However, the existence of gambling (azar), whose name in spanish comes from an Arabic word linked to the roll of the dice, and thus its inability to predict ...

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  4. Virtual Worlds and Globalization

    Well friends, recently, I had a discussion inside my own society about the possibilities of virtual worlds in the future. One of my partners launched the thesis that Virtual Worlds, always, should be developed by private business enterprises as Mindark or Linden Lab. But to me it seemed like the Internet conceptualization and subsequent development, should come from the universities. My view included besides, there should exist standards for integration, which permit to any person or group ...
  5. Evolution of a Player From Entropia Universe

    When I was a child, I spake as a child, thought like a child, I reasoned like a child, but when I became a man, I left childish things" (The Bible)

    When a player has not had a mentor in the game, or just had someone who pretended to be, but he had only a very basic level of knowledge of the game; this player will fall, inevitably, within an evolutionary process as a player, very similar to this:

    1. Stage I: Gambler
    2. Stage II: The game has ...

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