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  1. DavinFelth's Avatar
    I've been thinking about what Salty posted, and I really appreciate it. I do plan that when I log back in that I will do some fun low key activities (sweat, fap, repair mothership, work on Molisk iron mission) The prob is that I am upset with how much I spent recently and how fast it went away. Coming back and doing different activities is all good, but it doesn't make up for that experience. Win some - loose some - I agree and I have had some nice wins. I hate to compare to a casino, but I can't think of many better analogies: It's like I was in a poker torny and lost $1000 and then someone says - oh you can come to the casino again - just play some Penny slots... I just don't see that happening. Seems easier to just not go at all.
    But I feel better already and will be back soon. If I do spend - I plan to sell a CLD.
    Thanks for the support and positive words.
    Good hunting all!
  2. Salty Grimyth's Avatar
    hey m8,

    I would say from your blog that the other games you are playing you are comparing to entropia. Just remember that no other game out there is like this one, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but play it for the entertainment value. I would urge to login and talk with friends maybe do some activities that aren't going to cost you peds but still allow you to do stuff in the game. I was talking to an avatar that was running around with a heart fap and they told me they make on average about 50 peds a day just from tips on helping other avatars by healing them for free. Then they use the peds to go mining. I found it very interesting and heart faps are cheap.
    I guess I am saying that writing a blog is one way to combat your desire to play, but than why not just play.

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