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Few Scars

  1. Goals 2013

    A personal note of goals 2013

    1. Move from Grand to Arch Master BLP (Hit)
    2. Continue skilling BLP (Dmg) Min 70 - 80
    3. Acquire Herman LAW 505 or Ark 40 or equivalent
    4. Consider a small LA by July 2013
    5. Reach Tough Health 236-250
  2. For my own info MM 2011

    Well MM 2011, only about 7 hours actual Rextelum killing, points 408, position 61/100.
    Think team effort may be required.
  3. Just for my own info

    Just a quick note to myself as the notepad isnt working yet.

    MM 2010
    Cat 3, Rank 57, Time 11h35m, Score 323.....try harder next year!
  4. My notepad isnt working!

    Eviscerator locations for MM, personal note!

    South-East of Cape Corinth (62341,87899)

    North-North-West of Nymphtown (85921,81041)

    North of Fort Troy (80616,69192)

    West of Fort Troy (77281,68723)
  5. Angel stats seeming notepad doesnt work

    Best Angel prices;
    helmet +2.8K
    harness +5.3K
    arms +4.3K
    gloves +5.3K
    thigs +6.6K
    shins +1.5K
    foots +5.5K

    Total 31.3K but one set is selling for 29KPed

    Updated 10-27-2010 at 05:49 by Few Scars

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