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  1. Title Change?

    Ha Ha! That rocks!

    Did you know Runic Games' (Developers of Torchlight) Community Manager have a bit of an unorthodox title... Namely "Minister of Culture".

    I wonder if it would suit me?

    - Hello, sir. Why yes, I am the Minister of Culture for Planet Calypso.

    No? How about Head of Trolls? Treasurer of Cookies? Harvester of Hugs? Flame Bait?
  2. Noms!

    Someone took my cookie-request seriously lol!

    All the way from Netherlands! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    The pink one's are reeeally yummy. And I can't wait to dig into those waffle ones... And omg is that cinnamon!? Drewl!
    And Ill be a good girl and share... well, a little bit anyway. they can have the crumbs.
  3. Home

    So.. Blogging. Welcome to my humble little blog.

    Earlier I held the EntropiaGateway blog, which was FPC's main information-feed to the community. That's gone now, and we'll be using the forum frontpage instead. Do you need to follow this blog to know the ins and outs of Planet Calypso? No. Ill have all the needed information shoved up front to the frontpage. On my blog, you'll find my personal little rantings, maybe some screenshots from parties or events I attend to. Casual stuff. ...
  4. Testing

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