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The (former and current) life of "Doer"

Like many of you (I suspect), I came to Calypso to leave behind a life inviable. Here's to hoping that I can find a new one worth living here. Here's how it all started.

  1. Primordial Longus

    Habitat of the plongu (and Doer for half a year)
    The Long Dark Halftime of the Mission

    When the clock ran out on the mission reward nerf clock, i was a bit burned out and on the whole unmotivated by the modified mission rewards. I got into the Primordial Longu mission during the hunt for the DNA parts when that mob was introduced, but only made ...

    Updated 04-05-2013 at 23:21 by Doer

    Iron Challenges , Achievements and Goals , Hunting Log
  2. Argonauts

    What a ridiculous (and transparent, apparently) moon!


    With the clock ticking before the Iron Challenge Nerf, a sudden electrical storm left my new computer nonfunctional. A move and an otherwise busy month later, I tried the computer again and it was miraculously recovered. I hoped to finish Corn and Argo missions still, and spent about a month running around PvP (2?) hacking the little ...
  3. Steel Birds

    Alright, my sympathetic neck pain from looking straight up is still fading and i'm going to keep this short, in part because i didn't try to do as many tests during this mission, and in part because it was such a frustrating experience that i don't have much positive to say.


    Updated 07-31-2012 at 02:53 by Doer

    Iron Challenges , Achievements and Goals , Hunting Log
  4. Longtooth


    Following the Longu mission chain, i signed on with Narfi's THING crew for something completely different, and used the opportunity to see Rocktropia and its seedy denizens. I've not found a higher concentration of obnoxious jackasses than among its vixen gear farmers, but i also met some nice new people. When migration started, and i was getting a bit tired of dying ...
  5. So here I am

    Back in 2005 when i came to Calypso, i didn't expect to get to 2012 and still be a noob. The major skill nerf a couple years later and life conspired a bit, and I didn't really "seize the moment" when it came to PE opportunities, keeping a long view without concern over the shorter-term setbacks or opportunity costs that approach caused. (Remember when my imp FAP was worth more than twice what i paid? My imk2, too? Who's the stubborn, pig-headed one who didn't sell them and give up on ...
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