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  1. P5a is mine!

    This weekend i won the auction on the first and only unlimited Breer P5a pistol ingame!

    I figured it would be better to invest my peds in something instead of having them on my pedcard.
    The experience so far tells me it was a very good choice.

    I have hunted for 12 hours with it now in which i was able to fire 2450 ped of ammo (with A104 amps).
    This was spread out over 5 hunts, all on taxed Longu's and i will continue to hunt them for a while.
    The ...
  2. This deserves a blog post

    One week since my last post and oh boy what a week that was.
    Most of you know that in june 2006 i hit an ATH on a hogglo mature wich basicly started my hardcore EU addiction.
    Since that day i hunted alot, like 100 times more than before the ATH, i dont know exactly how much.

    Despite all that ammo and decay spend, all the skills earned and bought, all the highend equipment used, i never hit anything about 700 ped TT value in hunting since that day.

    Last sunday ...
  3. Busy period, but still enough time to play EU.

    I dont have alot of time to post anything here because of busy times at work and private life (yes, the house renovation eats time..)
    But luckely i still manage to play EU every day
    I try to do 500 ped ammo every evening and since i max the T10 and LP470 that is not really hard anymore.
    The ambuland near Nea's is my favorite hunting spot atm because of the huge spawn.
    And ambu seem to drop nice loot, good enough for me to stay anyways.
    I'm saving up all my loot until ...
  4. Blog of a retired player (retired, yeah right)

    Nah.. not really retired :P
    But i did think i had to stop playing EU in order to shift my attention from virtual world to real world.
    Last year i decided it was time for me to buy a house and realised that it was never going to be a house if i didnt stop depositing insane amounts of money to my beloved EU

    So right after signing the sales-contract i started selling out my EU skills and items and prepared for my exit.
    ... but let's leave a few HG skills on BruuD.. ...

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