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  1. P5a is mine!

    This weekend i won the auction on the first and only unlimited Breer P5a pistol ingame!

    I figured it would be better to invest my peds in something instead of having them on my pedcard.
    The experience so far tells me it was a very good choice.

    I have hunted for 12 hours with it now in which i was able to fire 2450 ped of ammo (with A104 amps).
    This was spread out over 5 hunts, all on taxed Longu's and i will continue to hunt them for a while.
    The ...
  2. This deserves a blog post

    One week since my last post and oh boy what a week that was.
    Most of you know that in june 2006 i hit an ATH on a hogglo mature wich basicly started my hardcore EU addiction.
    Since that day i hunted alot, like 100 times more than before the ATH, i dont know exactly how much.

    Despite all that ammo and decay spend, all the skills earned and bought, all the highend equipment used, i never hit anything about 700 ped TT value in hunting since that day.

    Last sunday ...

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