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  1. Ludvig|MindArk's Avatar
    I'd totally hit that party.
  2. Damnatio's Avatar
    really good one
  3. Oracle's Avatar
    heh heh
  4. Ludvig|MindArk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Windzor
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    Is this photoshopped? thats a great pic
    No, the only picture I have photoshopped is the xmas one
  5. Windzor's Avatar
    Is this photoshopped? thats a great pic
  6. Johned's Avatar
    I always felt like someone was up there watching me when I walked past. Now I know who
  7. Johned's Avatar
    great pic!
  8. Oracle's Avatar
    heh heh lost so many of the damn things!

    On a plane, in a nightclub, in the house, out in the street etc etc.

    Why do they have to make the bloody things so tiny and even worse transparent so that they're impossible to find!!!
  9. Oracle's Avatar
    You ought to make a book out of all these mate they're really good!
  10. timppp's Avatar
    hah thats funny and nice picture!
  11. elcid's Avatar
    Hehe, thats nice I always wondered if the so called "fossils" really were formidons once^^

    Good stuff you're doing here keep on posting pix

    Greetz from Shadowman
  12. Oracle's Avatar
    heh heh...keep blogging those funny pics.
  13. Brocko's Avatar
    must ve been costy
  14. teka23new(d)'s Avatar
    but what do you think if A molisk take a tree in his ass ... ??????????????
    molisk better jumper\climeber around the tree ...
    however(depends looker trand) we could change
    the verb in horny
  15. Jeffe's Avatar
    very nice piggy shot!
  16. Oracle's Avatar
    Half man, half wooden-formicacida type creature!

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