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  1. The Missing Element in Entropia

    I can't quite put my thumb on it to be honest. But, there is an element missing in Entropia. If I had to explain it, it would be "life." There is not enough "life" in Entropia. Or.. Life-like-ness? I guess one could say.

    I get hung up in the rig-a-ma-roo... The run of the mill ...
  2. Fiat........ no not the car!

    Fiat! the the thing that your so called "Money" is printed on..

    Those little pieces of paper better known as an "IOU".

    It perplexes me how these things manage to sustain value. Oh, that's right because the options for another source of value are not......?

    what's the word I'm looking for........ mainstream? they exist and they are imo more viable than the fiat options... i.e. bitcoin? gold? silver?

    Another perplexing ...
  3. Mike Hearn is gone.... So what!!!!

    really? you think bitcoin is going to fail because of 1 developer walking out and giving his sour comments on the cryptocurrency. HA!

    Sure the news will blast it and Mike Hearn will publicize this. But why? Why make his exit so publicly dramatic and claim that Bitcoin is a failed project.

    Clearly it's not. Just because his attempt at BITCOIN XT was a folley and he doesn't see eye-to-eye with the other developers he bails and tries to bring Bitcoin down on his exit. ...
    Tags: bitcoin, hearn, mike
  4. mAi huNtinG .... b_LOG

    didn't wanna do this on regular forum.... too much bumping of hunt log....
  5. Accidental Art

    totally off topic I know but;
    thought this was cool
    my son is 5 years old.. he was doing some water paint thing..
    he rubbed away the paper on the mouth by accident because he used too much water..
    just happened to turn out this way.. that's a hole in the paper
    other side is the table

    feel free to leave comment
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