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Towards a Scheherazadeian Death

My blog - a stream of consciousness set to words (both prose and poetry) or my experience in EU as an adventure in Role Playing.
I can do both - and probably will, jumping from one to the other.
But when I get to the end - well that will be me finished

And when Thyself with shining foot shall pass
Amongst the Guests Star-scatter'd on the Grass
And in thy joyous Errand reach the Spot
Where I made one-turn down an empty Glass!

EU My very first experience of a MMORPG with an avatar representing myself, running around, doing stuff, interacting with others both good & bad.
Maybe I will list my advantures & experiences (briefly of course) from then to now

  1. Chapter 9; random musings on arkadian history - the arkadians

    The weather is bitterly cold and the atmosphere is dry and dusty, visibility is limited. I can see Oratans in the distance carrying out their irritating and illogical patrols, probably hunting for me, as I have been actively hunting them.
    But, I am operating at my limits and I need a break to repair and maintain my equipment and just to rest for a while. They can hunt themselves in the meantime, for now I have had enough.
    I am warm and safe for the moment, so while taking it easy, ...
    Role Play
  2. Chapter 8: Dreaming While Dawns left Hand was in the Sky

    Dawn on Arkadia is beautiful. It makes me think of earth dawns, far back before the time of pollution, global warming, overpopulation and other crimes humans have inflicted upon nature.
    The glowing colours of yellow, gold & red – just draw one to the feeling how alike Arkadia & Earth are.
    Yet the bursts of violet, magenta & lime green – while surreally beautiful, demonstrate that Arcadian & Earth similarities are very very superficial – Arkadia is in essence an alien ...
    Role Play
  3. Chapter 7 Gotterdammerung

    Orders have just come down – we are to move out in force, to take up positions that will deny the Oratan forces a strategic area, then to go on the offensive and finally remove them from their heartland – the beginning of the end for Oratans in Arkadia.

    And, Glory Be, this is where my Slack and his “friend Anny” have fled to – they are cut off and no word has been received – but I will be able to come to them and save them.

    For myself – I have such plans for them Mwahahahahahahah....... ...
    Role Play
  4. My Military Career, War !

    I have joined the IFN and am rising rapidly through its ranks. It is considered that I embody everything the IFN stands for.

    But there was that irritatingly politically correct IFN psychologist who had another opinion, he questioned my sanity!. He had prepared a confidential report on me & was in the process of forwarding it to IFN High Command.
    But would you believe it, evidence pointed to a roving gang of Orotans that somehow burst into his office, battered him to a bloody ...
    Role Play
  5. Chapter Five. I have found another me

    Time is passing. So quickly and yet it drags.

    Most of my time on Arkadia now is hunting, I move I hunt I loot, I hunt almost robotically grinding away in some strange fever dream.

    But I can never seem to amass enough peds to bring my original hopes to reality. These seem unreal now, impossible and ridiculous. Reality has changed since the letter.

    Yet it does not seem to matter, anymore. I am aware I have changed both physically and mentally. Burned black ...
    Role Play
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