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LeeLoo Faith

  1. Avatar Creation

    Canīt stop to tweak my avatar.. haircut and haircolor is the worst things that need a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there..

    hopefully the week of recreating as much as you want is over soon

    but I have to say, getting used to new look quite fast, I like it.
    that update was also lot of fun with the funny avatars that have been around..
  2. nice VU!

    I like the new VU!

    Mall Televator now goes up to the roof, right beside the teleport! great

    Also Mall got a new design which is quite nice, maybe a tiny problem with the lightning. in Small shops the main lights are on and they are a bit too bright. Some recoloring of my furniture (with DARK blue) did make it a lot better though

    I love the new vehicles, VTOL, hovercraft, boats. really cool stuff.
    PA looks amazing but be careful - its a labyrinth ...
  3. ba from Vacation

    Awwww, Vacation.. that was nice and needed.

    Now things look much better.
    And some good new things in EU too.

    The Mall TV switched to the correct site and TP too, but the TP is now placed on the roof, which has nice views but they made the Televator not go up till there, so you have to run down first to reach the televator :/

    The cars are fun! love to drive around like nuts

    I am also very curios to try the new vehicles that came while I ...
  4. still...

    .. very unsure where to go.
    Support replys are all kind "pls let us alone you annoying insect" instead of beeing helpful ..

    Televator is back in Mall, ok - but wrong side of hallway and still no Teleporter inside.

    really the customer care of this company is scaring me away.
  5. at least

    I found the shirt in the aile today in the morning. One support case closed.

    got a reply asking for more details on another one, lets see what happens next
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