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  1. Snowwolf's Avatar
    what can we do niks...i tried maney posts with hints at there customer care scaring peeps out

    lol at least they could check how long we been holding tenaciously 2 ent...c ya around lee
  2. mbcalburg's Avatar
    poor leeloo.....

    actually i just wanted to say your name
  3. mbcalburg's Avatar
    If you can afford them why not? lol
  4. LeeLoo Faith's Avatar
    Yay. 3rd July I got to Level 26 in Laser Pistoleer. Next Level should be reached in August (27).
  5. Timbo Witters's Avatar
    gl whit your goals
  6. Oracle's Avatar
    Congratulations LeeLoo...always nice to see someone happy in EU

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